Monetize your app

So you’ve created a great Overwolf app that many gamers love and use everyday. Now what?
Now you can start making money out of your amazing coding skills!

How it works

Earn revenue by placing ads on your desktop app

Ads are an effective and easy way to generate revenue from your apps. Overwolf lets you easily add either video or display ads to your apps.

It’s super simple

  1. Select the type and size of ads you wish to work with, and determine where will they be displayed on your app (Please make sure you follow our Ads Policy and consult with our team).
  2. Check the Overwolf ads SDK.
  3. Ask our team to provide you with a test ad so you can verify the integration.
  4. Once your app is ready & approved, ads will automatically be served to your app.
  5. Our team will provide you with a personal dashboard login where you can check your apps’ performance.

What kind of ads are available?

The following ad formats are currently available:

  • Video – available in 400×300 and 300×250 (we recommend 400×300)
  • Display banners – 300×250 and 728×90


Ads Policy

TL;DR – Forgivable Ads. In other words, don’t create an ad experience that you as a user would not tolerate.

Ads present a challenge, as nobody likes them, but they are very important to our economy. So, we have to learn how to use them in the right balance.

Advertisers need to get continuous value from advertising on Overwolf, so to keep the CPMs high and to get more advertisers on the platform we need to provide a high-quality experience. Avoid doing “funky” stuff. Ask us directly if you have any doubts.

Refreshing ads are only allowed when switching between app’s windows, pages or tabs.

In general, we follow the industry Standards, Guidelines & Best Practices which are provided by the IAB. You can read more about it here.
We also scan our traffic with 3rd party anti-fraud tools to monitor our quality for any misalignments.

Dos and Don’ts

  • Nobody likes ads, especially in-game. But they are the fuel for the ecosystem. This is why we should only show ads on “forgivable” times and places (part of content/value or when content is about to be loaded, post-game, desktop).
  • Users should be able to easily understand that the ad is part of the app and not part of the UI of the Game.
  • Since we use outstream ads (no video content), ads should have a fixed/dedicated place as part of the UI of the app.
  • Ads should appear only when a user actively opened the relevant window (or if the window was set to auto-launch)
  • Apps will make a single request for an ad for every user interaction.
  • Ads should not be hidden by any other element! The ad needs to be 100% View-able for the user and can be clickable at all time.
  • Once an ad was loaded, it needs to stay until the window is closed or minimized by the user.


Best Practices

Ad location

  • If your app has more than one menu/view, make sure the ad location is fixed and does not change when flicking through those menus.
  • Make sure that the ad is in a visible location and not hidden. In order to not be flagged as fraud, the ad should only be called when the ad unit is visible.
  • Video ads need high completion rates. Any window showing videos ads should have a good average open time. Ads should appear within windows that offer Significant value (most ads are between 15-30 sec).
  • Advertisers look to engage with the user and use their advertising budgets smartly to get maximum value. One of the KPI’s that is popular in the advertising industry is completion rate which represents the number of users that watched 100% of the video ad from the total impressions made. High Completion rate is above 70%.
  • It’s all about timing – User experience is extremely important. While developing the app, put yourself in the user’s shoes. As the app developer, you are most likely to know when the best timing is to present an ad. Most games have “Dead” moments where nothing happens (Client Loading, Match Loading, After Game ends) so the ad won’t interrupt the user.

Ad size

Video Players comes in different sizes. Our recommendation is to use the 400×300 size which should have higher fill as well as higher CPM..


  • Advertising budgets are more significant in Tier 1 countries: US, UK, CA, AU, DE, FR.
  • If most of the users will origin in Tier 1 countries, it’s likely that your CPMs will be higher.
  • We do monetize ads in lower tiers, but our recommendation is to focus your marketing efforts on Tier 1 countries.

Sign me in!

Please contact us now at developers@overwolf.comget an ad tag and start monetizing!