League of Legends Launcher

League of Legends launcher events.

Game (Launcher) ID

  • 10902

Sample App

Available Features:

  • game_flow
  • summoner_info
  • champ_select
  • lobby_info

Info Updates

The Launcher Events Provider keeps an info DB with various information about the launcher state.
Updates about this information can be received as events by registering an event listener using overwolf.games.launchers.events.onInfoUpdates()
It is also possible to get the current available information using overwolf.games.launchers.events.getInfo()

Feature Information
Category Key Values Notes Since Version
game_flow phase

The current phase in game

Category Key Values Notes Since Version
lobby_info queueID

The queueID of the currently chosen game mode.





List of possible queue ids 

1090 is TFT mode.

Category Key Values Notes Since Version
info raw

All relevant information regarding Champ-selection pre-start of the game.


Note: There is a great deal of information that is provided.


Few Example:

  • Assigned Position
  • Skin ID
  • Champion ID
  • Summoner Name

And many more.

Category Key Values Notes Since Version
summoner_info account_id

the local player’s account id

summoner_info display_name the local player’s display name   125.0.2
summoner_info internal_name the local player’s internal name   125.0.2
summoner_info profile_icon_id the local player’s icon id   125.0.2
summoner_info summoner_id the local player’s summoner id   125.0.2
summoner_info summoner_level the local player’s summoner level   125.0.2
summoner_info region the local player’s server (EU/NA etc).   125.0.6
summoner_info locale the local player’s language on his lol client   125.0.6
summoner_info web_language the local player’s type of language   125.0.6
summoner_info web_region the local player’s web region   125.0.6
summoner_info platform_id the local player’s platform id   125.0.7