CS:GO game events.
Please read the overwolf.games.events documentation page to learn how to use Overwolf game events. 

Game id: 7764

Sample app

Available Features

  • kill
  • death
  • assist
  • headshot
  • round_start
  • match_start
  • match_end
  • team_round_win
  • bomb_planted
  • bomb_change
  • reloading
  • fired
  • weapon_change
  • weapon_acquired
  • info


Feature Event Event Data Fired when Notes Since Version
kill kill totalKills – total kills for player in match
  • Player has killed an enemy
death death totalDeaths – total deaths of player in match
  • Player has died
assist assist totalAssists – total assists for user it match
  • Player has assisted in killing an enemy
headshot headshot headshotsInRound – total headshots for user in current round
  • Player has gained a killed with a headshot
Fired alongside kill event 0.7.0
round_start round_start
  • num_of_rounds – total number of rounds in current match
  • player_team – CT/T
  • A new round has began
match_start match_start None
  • A new match has started
match_end match_end None
  • Match was ended
team_round_win team_round_win
  • winningTeam – the team that won the round (CT/T)
  • bomb – bomb status (exploded/defused/planted)
  • A round has ended
bomb_planted bomb_planted  
  • A bomb has been planted (by any player)
bomb_change bomb_change
  • Bomb state (planted / exploded / defused)
  • Bomb state was changed
reloading reloading
  • weapon_name
  • weapon_current_ammo
  • weapon_max_ammo
  • weapon_type
  • Player reloads his weapon
fired fired
  • weapon_name
  • weapon_current_ammo
  • weapon_max_ammo
  • weapon_type
weapon_change weapon_change
  • weapon_name
  • weapon_type
  • Player switches weapons
  • weapon_type: 
    “Knife”, “Pistol”, “Shotgun”, “Machine Gun”, 
    “Submachine Gun”, “Rifle”, “SniperRifle”, 
    “Grenade”, “C4”
  • weapon_name: 
    “weapon_knife”, “weapon_knife_t”, “weapon_hkp2000”, “weapon_usp_silencer”, “weapon_glock”, “weapon_elite”,  “weapon_p250”, “weapon_fiveseven”, “weapon_cz75a”,
    “weapon_tec9”, “weapon_deagle”, “weapon_revolver”, “weapon_nova”, “weapon_xm1014”, “weapon_mag7”,
     “weapon_sawedoff”, “weapon_m249”, “weapon_negev”,  “weapon_mp9”, “weapon_mac10”, “weapon_mp7”,  “weapon_ump45”, “weapon_p90”, “weapon_bizon”,
     “weapon_famas”, “weapon_galilar”, “weapon_m4a1”,  “weapon_m4a1_silencer”, “weapon_ak47”, 
    “weapon_ssg08”, “weapon_aug”, “weapon_sg556”, 
    “weapon_awp”, “weapon_scar20”, “weapon_g3sg1”,
     “weapon_incgrenade”, “weapon_decoy”, 
    “weapon_flashbang”, “weapon_hegrenade”, “weapon_smokegrenade”, “weapon_c4”
weapon_acquired weapon_acquired  
  • weapon_name
  • weapon_type
  •  Player acquires new weapon (either buy or picks up)
player_activity_change player_activity_change
  • playing
  • menu
  • The player started playing
  • The player entered the game’s menu
team_set team_set
  • CT
  • T
  • The player selected a team



In order to get CS:GO info-updates, your app should request the info feature and listen to overwolf.games.events.onInfoUpdates2 info updates. However, you might add the listener after the update has already happened so the app will miss the info-update event. For that reason, you should also call overwolf.games.events.getInfo() to get the current info state.


Let’s see an example of how to obtain the map name in CS:GO:


First we will set the required features and set up the listener:

overwolf.games.events.setRequiredFeatures(['info', 'death', 'kill', 'headshot'], function(info) {
	if (info.status == "success") {
	} else {
		// we should retry to set the required features in case 
		// the game events provider is still initializing

function setListener() {
	overwolf.games.events.onInfoUpdates2.addListener(function(info) {

function getInfo() {
	overwolf.games.events.getInfo(function(info) { 

When the map info will be updated the onInfoUpdate2 listener will print to the console:


After calling getInfo() the console will print (if the map info has already been updated):



Feature Information
Key Category Values Notes Since Version
totalKills player Total kills in a match    0.7.0
totalDeaths player Total deaths in a match    0.7.0
totalMvps player Total MVP’s   0.7.0
score player Score in a match   0.7.0
team player T / CT   0.7.0
steamid player The player’s steam id   0.7.0
map round Map name   0.7.0
mode round Map mode (for example: “casual”)   0.49.0
numOfRound round Round number in the match (starting 0)   0.7.0
phase round

Match phase

  • warmup
  • live
  • freezetime
  • over