Submitting an app proposal


So, you have a great idea for an Overwolf application. Now what?

Before you jump into developing your app, why not tell us a little about what you have in mind? This means putting together a simple app-proposal, laying out your idea, what kind of features you would like to implement, and some visual mockups so we can see what the app will look like.

The idea is to show us what your app is all about before you invest time and effort into development. It also gives us a chance to provide feedback for the app, and to underline any issues ahead of time.

Tips for a Great Proposal

To help you prepare a kick-ass proposal, here’s what we recommend you do first:

  • Check out what’s already out there.

    Look over the apps in our Appstore, especially the ones that are similar to your proposed idea.
    Think of what your app can do better, or what it can offer that similar apps don’t.

  • Review the documentation

    Whether you’re new to Overwolf developers or a returning developer, it’s imperative you go over our documentation. We’re constantly updating our documentation with current features, so this is the best way for you to remain up-to-date on all of our tools and features you can harness.

  • Why would an app proposal be rejected?

    Here are some reasons to keep in mind when you prepare your presentation:

    • The app creates an unfair advantage for its users
    • The app breaches the Overwolf or original game terms of service.

Prepare Your Proposal

Submitting your app idea for review is easy. We’re not looking for a complete set of technical documents at this point. Instead, we’re looking for a clear, concise description of what the app is and how it will work. We also want to see a mockup of your User Interface. This proposal (and the app itself) must be in English, although you may freely support more languages in the completed app.

Your app proposal must address three key points:

  1. Describe your app.

    Tell us what your app will do, and how it is going to do it. Explain your main features and provide some basic details on how you intend to implement them.

  2. How will your app help Overwolf users?

    Explain how your app will improve gaming experiences. Is there a similar app in the Overwolf app store? If so, how is your app new, different or better?

  3. Show us what you have in mind.

    What will the app look like? Provide us with a mockup of the app is the form below. We’re not looking for highly polished design work here, we just want to have a basic idea of what the UI will look like and how the app will work. Walk us through the interface, providing details on app elements, settings, etc.

That’s it! Your proposal is now ready to be reviewed by the Overwolf team.


Before submitting your app proposal, please read the developer & app terms.

Submit Your Proposal

What’s Next?

We’ll let you know if your proposal is approved or rejected within 4 business days.

Approved app proposals:

Great job and a big thumbs up! We looked at your idea and we think it’ll be a great fit for the Overwolf Appstore. Now the real fun begins! Go ahead and start developing your app.
Reach out to us if you need assistance or browse our documentation for existing solutions.

Rejected app proposals:

After reviewing your app concept, we suggest trying for a different concept. This app will not fit our App Store because X Y Z, but we were positively impressed with your abilities and are looking forward to seeing more ideas from you soon! You won’t be able to submit this app for review later, but we encourage you to let us know if you have another idea that might be a better fit.