Promoting your app

Once your app is ready or has a major new feature rolling out, it’s time to get some new blood to join the fun!
Most creators promote their apps within their game communities and relevant social media channels, and that’s fantastic and quite effective.
However, when an extra push is needed you should talk to us, we’d love to help.

Requesting a Promotion
To initiate a promotion all you have to do is reach out to us , send a current build of your app, explain why it is time to promote and what kind of promotion you had in mind.
We can look into social media promotions, Youtube campaigns, Facebook campaigns, influencer marketing, performance campaigns or anything else that will serve your product’s growth.

Once a plan is developed, Overwolf will support your promotion using our own channels.
When justified, we will support you with extra budget as well – up to 1:1 on your own marketing investment (up to double your budget).
Let’s plan your next promotion! Talk to us!