Knowledge Base

Knowledge base is what we call your public library. If a user wants to know anything about your app, he can open it up and read all about it.

Here are some guidelines to a good knowledge base:

  • Please remember that a user that just installed your app, never used it before and probably needs assistance/guidance in order to understand the app’s features and easily starting using it properly. A successful FTUE (First Time User Experience) greatly increases the chances of retaining your users. You can read more about it here.
  • The articles (What is, FAQ, Troubleshooting) should have all the available information on the app that the user might need.
  • Screenshots & GIFs for the articles are strongly recommended.
  • These articles can be directed from a ‘?’ icon in your app’s main screen.
  • In addition, feel free to add more articles, such as Changelog, Requirements, etc.


A good example for an organized knowledge base is “Legendary builds”.

The three core articles that an app should have are:

  1. What is Legendary Builds – General explanation about the app
  2. Legendary Builds – FAQ – answers to questions that users might have
  3. Legendary Builds – Troubleshooting – Common issues that the app might have, and how to fix them


What is

This article explains the general use of the app. Legendary Builds does this by splitting the app to two separate segments:
First part is focused on the out of the game experience. On this part, the articles goes step by step, screen by screen (of the app) and explains every feature that is shown on screen.
The second part is focused on the In-game experience it will guide the user step by step.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

This article answers questions that users might have. If you have been contacted by users with questions that you think are repetitive or are important, this is the place to answer them!


This article should contain common issues that exist in the app, and how to fix them. Like the FAQ, you might have encountered some issues that users had. This is the place to show users how to fix them.