Custom Installer

Customizing Your App Installer

Installers used to be uniform, but following your feedback we’re unlocking them for your design and personalization. Starting now, each app is getting their own welcome and “installation summary” screens in the installer, to make sure that your installation flow feels like a part of your app.

This is another step in our quest to give you the tools that you need to meet and engage with gamers. You can even create your own tray icon with the new windows.os API!

What’s next? Full installer customization with your texts and your custom visuals! We expect this next level of customization to be unlocked around August or September this year.
Stay tuned for updates here on this page and through newsletters!

The parts you will be able to edit freely are marked in red in the image below – you can use the space to showcase features, present your team or partners, or announce activities your users should know about right away. You will be able to change the text and images when you need to change these messages.

We hope this gets you as excited as it does us, and cannot wait to see what you’re going to design for your apps!