Technical Checklist

By following this technical checklist, you will ensure a solid user experience in your app. As a bonus, once you complete the full list of recommendations, you could get up to a 7% improvement in your rev-share.

Pup (+ 1% to rev-share)

  • Use your Main (index) window as a hidden controller that opens other windows
  • Window management is done according to best practices (Read more here)
  • Avoid the use of full screen windows
  • 30ms to open every window (Read more here)
  • App assets sizes are smallest as possible (Use TinyJPG & TinyPNG)
  • Develop error notification for network downtime, API issues, servers errors (Read more here)
  • Add and maintain changelog
  • Add a dedicated page which explains to the user why your app is bundled with Overwolf. Make sure you mention:
    • Overlay capabilities
    • Real-time game events
    • A fast and simple development framework – allows you to write an in-game app with just HTML and JS without the need to master C++
    • Helps you in monetization, which allows you to focus on the app more and thus drives a better product for your users

Hunter (+ 1% to rev-share)

  • Add desktop mode to your app (Read more here)
  • Avoid the use of transparency in your window design that is not 100% (the need to calculate pixel values may cause a performance hit)
  • Add a Support widget (Read more here)
  • Add Knowledgebase articles (Read more here)
  • Add “Contact us” form (Read more here)

Alpha (+ 1% to rev-share)

  • Develop a FTUE (Read more here)
  • App detects and notifies the user if it needs to be updated (Read more here)
  • Follow local/server assets best practices (Read more here)
  • Use your Reddit/Facebook/Twitter pages for technical updates (new version is available, Servers are down, servers are up, etc.)
  • Develop in-game “Mini mode” (where applicable)

Supreme (+ 4%)

  • Develop a Game Summary Shelf with high user value around stats. The game summary will become an integral part of your app, and will be used as a promotion tool for your app for users who don’t have it installed. Your Game Summary Shelf needs to support being a part of your app and being an independent unit. (Read more here)