Marketing Checklist

Your app is live on the Overwolf Appstore! Now what? If you followed the technical checklist it is a good time to take a look at the marketing checklist to ensure a smooth launch and that long-term growth goals for your app are met.

We don’t want to dictate exactly how you should promote your app. You know your users best, and what works for someone else may not work for you. With that in mind, here are some ideas for how to promote your app, based on best practices and lessons that we’ve learned. Use these ideas (or don’t) as it suits your audience.

We divided the checklist to three levels, so you can take your time and follow it step by step.
Once you complete the full list of recommendations, you could get up to a 3% improvement in your rev-share.

The Overwolf team is here for you and we’ll be happy to evaluate your strategy and goals and assist in any way we can.

Note: If you have a refer a friend program, an in-app store, or prizes requirement, we can help you with RP purchase. Please contact your Developer Success Manager for more details.

Pup (+ 1%)

  • Add the “Get it on Overwolf” badge on your website, where applicable (Read more)
  • Add the “Get it on Overwolf” badge to all your marketing assets (social media, influencers, other marketing campaigns)
  • Add an Overwolf logo next to your Facebook, Discord and Twitter logos, that will lead to your app page on Overwolf
  • Guide users to download your app as part of your onboarding flow on your website
  • Reach 3K Monthly Active Users

Hunter (+ 1%)

  • Get to 20K Monthly Active Users
  • Bonus: Create a tutorial video for your app (we can help!)

Alpha (+ 1%)

  • Get to 50K Monthly Active Users
  • One time bonus (ask us and we’ll give you budget for it!): where applicable, develop a Twitch Extensions with a similar value to your app