Submitting your app to the Appstore

So you’ve finished the development of your app and you want to submit it to the in-game Appstore. Congrats!

Support page

Before your new app goes live, you must create a support page for it. More details about an Overwolf app support page can found here.

How to Submit an In-Game App

** Make sure to run your json files through a json validator before submitting your app.

You have just a few more items to complete and then send us an email to with a zip file (or rar, or 7z, whichever you prefer) containing the following elements:

“app” folder:

  1. manifest.json

    Your app’s manifest.json file

  2. IconMouseNormal.png

    a gray-scale icon for the round app button – default state (256×256 – 72 PPI, Overwolf will resize it to 37×37).


  3. IconMouseOver.png

    a colored icon for the round app button – mouse-over state (256×256 – 72 PPI, Overwolf will resize it to 37×37).


  4. “Files” folder

    A folder containing the lot of your app’s code.

“store” folder:

  1. Tile.jpg

    The Appstore tile for your app (258×198 – 72 PPI). The image must be in JPG format.



  2. Icon.png

    The icon representing your app on the Appstore.

    The actual icon size should be 55×55
    The image must be in PNG format
    The image should work well on both light and dark backgrounds.



  3. ScreenshotX.jpg

    You need to supply at least one screenshot of your app which will be shown in the app’s page in the Appstore. Providing a few attractive screenshots images increases your app’s chances of getting noticed. In each image file name, X is replaced by a number(1-5). Notice this needs to be a JPG. The screenshot should be 656x410px, so be sure that all your elements are visible at that size. You can have a maximum of 5 screenshots for each app, 4 screenshots if you include a video (covered in the store.json below)


  4. description.txt

    a text file containing the long Appstore description of your app (appears when clicking on a store tile), up-to 2000 characters. The description can be edited using basic html: h3 for headers (main header will be automatically larger), br for line breaks (don’t use br before and after h3), and links to web pages (a href)
    The description on the store tile is set through the app’s manifest.json


  5. store.json

    a json file containing the Appstore information of your app

      "category_description": "This is the Appstore category that the app will appear in.
       Currently only one category per app is possible.
       possible values: "for games", "chat", "entertainment", "social", "utilities", "voip" ",
      "video": {
      	"id": "(This is optional) The id of the app's video on YouTube,
                   appears after the 'watch?v=' part of the YouTube link, e.g. '5k70GQxHsOU'",
                   "service": "youtube" },
      "tags": ["Search tags for your app, limited to five (5) tags. Be sure the tags are relevant", "Make sure the tags are comma separated and in quotes"],
      "title": "The title that appears on the Appstore tile"

    “category_description” possible values: “for games”, “chat”, “entertainment”, “social”, “utilities”, “voip” 

Good luck! For any questions, check out our developers forum or join the Overwolf Developers Slack team  

How to Update Your App

Now that you have an app in the store, you might want to update it sometime in the future. All you need to do is email us your updated app and we’ll post it on the Appstore. Please make sure to keep it in the same format as your first submitted app, rather than sending fragmented files. Also make sure to update the app version in the manifest. If nothing changed in your store assets, there’s no need to submit it (the app folder will do just fine).

This page will be updated in the future with friendlier submission and update processes, so keep yourself cool and updated.