Setting options for the ad

It is possible to provide extra configuration parameters, by providing a JSON object as the second parameter when calling the OwAd constructor.

new OwAd(document.getElementById("ad-div"), {size: {width: 400, height:300})

The following configuration options are supported:

Option Type Default Description
size JSON Object / Array of JSON Objects {width: 400, height:300}
  • Sets the dimensions of the ad that would be displayed. This should be a JSON object with two properties: width & height
    {width: 400, height:300}
  • Alternatively, you can pass an array of such objects. In such cases, you will get an advertisement that can be one of any of the sizes provided.
    [{width:400, height:300}, {width:300, height:250}]
  • Supported values:
    • 728×90
    • 300×250
    • 400×300
  • Please make sure to only enter values that are supported by Overwolf. Entering an unsupported value will result in no ad showing