Library versions

From time to time, we may update the library with bug fixes and newer features. However, we realize that you may prefer to use a trusted older version rather than the latest and newest one. This is why we allow you to choose what version you wish to get, and how frequently you want to be updated to the latest version.

This can be done by changing the URL you use to retrieve the OwAds.min.js file. The URL structure is:<major>/[minor]/[patch]/owads.min.js

But while the major version in the URL must always be specified, minor and patch versions number can be omitted and will retrieve the latest of that version. So if for example you want the latest release under a specific major version you can request:

If you want the latest patch version under 1.3 you can request:

If you want to get version 1.3.6 specifically, make a request to:

You can also make a reqeust to, which will ALWAYS get the latest version.

As a rule of thumb, we intend to make future versions backwards compatible, so if for some reason, we will break backwards compatibility, a major version will be bumped. So we recommend using the first URL in the example above and only specify major version.