Interacting with an ad


Calling new OwAd() will return a javascript object which you can later use to control and interact with the displayed ad. The object has the following functions you can call to achieve the interaction:

Function Description
  • Refresh ad and load a new one
  • Please note that this will cause the ad to scroll into view (if not visible)
  • Removes the current ad from the DOM


Important note:

In order to prevent cases in which ads are called but not shown, please make sure you use the removeAd() function where applicable. Please also note:

  • When the window is minimized, don’t delete or destroy the owAd instance object, instead call the removeAd() method.
  • When the window is restored, call the same owAd instance’s refreshAd() method

Sample code for handling ads with minimized/restored window:

// define the event handler
function onWindowStateChanged(state) {
  console.log(`Window state changed: ${JSON.stringify(state)}`);

  if(state) {
    // when state changes to minimized, call removeAd()
    if (state.window_state === "minimized") {
    // when state changes from minimized to normal, call refreshAd()
    else if(state.window_previous_state === "minimized" && state.window_state === "normal"){

// call the overwolf api;;



You can use the Overwolf ad object (the one created by calling new OwAd()) to listen to events related to the displayed ad. Registering for an event can be done by calling the function addEventListener on the ad object. Like many other libs, the first param sent to addEventListener is the name of the event, and the second is a handler function for the event.

The following events are supported:

Event Name Fired when
  • Ad video player was successfully loaded on the page *
  • Display ad was served instead of a video ad
  • Ad started playing *
  • Video “impression” – Depends on the advertiser, the impression event gets triggered after 0-6 seconds *
  • Video ad was played until its end *
  • Error occurred while trying to load ad *

* – Only relevant for video ads


Showing multiple ads

If for some reason you wish to show more than one ad on your app, you can easily do so by creating multiple instances of OwAd. Just make sure you pass a different container element for each instance.