Is the SDK free to use?

Yes! You can start using the SDK right now.

Can I monetize my app?

You can monetize your app through ads with the Overwolf SDK. Our team will assist you in the process when you feel ready.

How can I contact you?

There are multiple ways! You can join our community on Slack, and you can also send us an email.

Do I need an account to use my app?

Yes. Developer accounts needs to be white-listed in order to load unpacked extensions (Under development options). More information can be found here.

How to handle windows management?

Your app’s windows structure and behavior will affect both the user experience and your development process, so please make sure you read the overwolf.windows API overview carefully and follow our best practices for using windows

How to position my windows in the center of the screen or in other locations?

In order to position your window in a certain location, you’ll first need to get the current user’s screen resolution. There are two types of resolutions – “desktop/monitor resolution” (the resolution of the user’s OS) and “game resolution” (the resolution that the user set in the game’s settings).

  • To position a “desktop” window of your app, get the user desktop resolution by using getMonitorsList( ) and calculate the required location.
  • To position an “in-game” window of your app, get the  the game’s resolution by using getRunningGameInfo( ) and calculate the required location. 

How can I detect the current resolution of the user?

How can I detect if a user changed his resolution?

  • In-game – Register to the onGameInfoUpdated event to get the updated resolution
  • Desktop (out-of-game) – There’s no way to detect a change with the desktop resolution, you’ll have to check for this info each time your app starts (by using getMonitorsList() ).

Can I create push notifications in my app?

You can create a “notification” window that will show up at the right time (e.g on the game’s loading screen, when the player had died, etc.). Please make sure the window won’t interfere with the user’s experience and won’t grab focus in “mouse-less” games (PUBG, Overwatch, etc.). For more information and best practices for using windows, please read here

What’s the best window size I should build for my app?

 In order to support most of the users screen sizes and resolutions, your main window dimension shouldn’t be bigger than 1366x768px but if you want to support all screen resolutions, the maximum dimension should be 1200x700px. You can read more on windows size best practices here. More info about common user resolutions can be found here.

Which test does the Overwolf team run before my app is approved?

The Overwolf team will test your app before you submit it to the Appstore for the first time and when you send us a new update. You can view which tests we are doing and you can follow it to make sure you pass the test process. Our team will be happy to assist when you detect issues.

I made some changes in the app’s code, how can I reload it to reflect those changes?

For HTML/CSS changes you can just refresh the app window by opening the developer tools (Ctrl+Shift+I) and hit the F5 key. If the JS of your app was updated, you’ll need to reload it by going to the Overwolf Development Options (Overwolf settings > Support tab > Development Options), uncheck the “Enabled” checkbox under your app name, check it again and launch the app.