World of Warships

World of Warships game events.

Please read the documentation page to learn how to use Overwolf game events. 

Game ID

  • 10746

Available Features

  • game_info
  • account_info
  • match
  • kill
  • death

Sample app

Info Updates

The Game Events Provider keeps an info DB with various information about the game state.
Updates about this information can be received as events by registering an event listener using
It is also possible to get the current available information using

Feature Information
Key Category Values Notes Since Version
 game_start_timestamp  game_info  Time of when the game process started running

 scene  game_info

Possible values:

  • initializing
  • dock
  • battle
  • loading_screen
  • post_battle
  • result_screen
Key Category Values Notes Since Version
realm account_info

Possible values:

  • ru
  • eu
  • na
  • asia
id account_info The local player’s Wargaming account id   0.119.1
playerName account_info The local player’s Wargaming name   0.119.1
Key Category Values Notes Since Version
mapName match Map name – string
  • An empty string will be set when there is no relevant map (e.g. while in the dock)
  • On tutorial maps (e.g. “i01_tutorial”), some features might not work correctly (specifically death/kill)
players roster

Array of “player” objects, each “player” contains the following data:

  • shipId
  • name – player name
  • team – ally/enemy
  • ship – ship name
  • maxHealth – The ship’s max health
health ship  The current “health” of the user’s ship – int   0.119.1
name ship  The ship’s name – string   0.119.1
state  match

 Possible values:

  • running – match is active
  • empty string – match is not active


Feature Information
Event Event Data Fired when Notes Since Version
 matchStart  null  Match starts    0.119.1
 matchEnd  null  Match ends    0.119.1

Possible values: 

  • “victory”
  • “lost”
 Match ends    
Event Event Data Fired when Notes Since Version
 destroyed  shipId – int  A ship was destroyed by the local user    0.119.1
  •  amount – amount of damage done
  • shipId – int
 A ship was damaged by the local user    0.119.1
  •  ribbon – string

Available ribbons

 Ribbon was awarded    0.119.1

Event Event Data Fired when Notes Since Version
 destroyed  Name of the “killer” ship  The player’s ship was destroyed    0.119.1
  • damage – amount -int
  • ship name – string
The player’s ship was damaged