Overwolf API

The main entry point for all of Overwolf’s APIs.
This class provides access to global components that allow interaction with the various Overwolf features.



Version added: 0.86.0

Use the overwolf.benchmarking API to query system stats and benchmarks.

Common use cases:

  • Get hardware information
  • Get FPS information


Type: overwolf.benchmarking


Version added: 0.78

Use the overwolf.extensions API to control and retrieve details on a specific Overwolf app (extension)

Common use cases:

  • Launch another app
  • Get the running state of an Overwolf app
  • Get the manifest.json data of an app


Permissions required: Extensions

Type: overwolf.extensions


Version added: 0.78

Use the overwolf.games API to receive basic game information.

Common use cases:

  • Your app wants to know whether an Overwolf supported game was launched or closed.
  • Getting information about the current running game – title, Overwolf game id, screen resolution and more.
  • Getting information about the current FPS (frame per second) rate in the game.
  • Getting details about an installed game – game location on the disk, location of the launcher, command line and more.

Use the overwolf.games.events API to receive real-time game events and information.

Common use cases:

  • Know when the player killed an enemy, and the type of kill (e.g, headshot in CS:GO, penta-kill in LoL, etc.) 
  • Get the amount of gold that your champion has earned in League of Legends or DOTA2
  • Know the match outcome (win/lose)
  • Know when a player scored a goal in Rocket League

Use the overwolf.games.launchers API to receive real-time launcher events and information (currently available only for League of Legends) .

Common use cases:

  • Know the currently active game launchers.
  • Get to know when a game launcher is started.

Permissions required: GameInfo

Type: overwolf.games


Version added: 0.93.1

Use the overwolf.io API to check if a certain file exists or to write content to a file.

For more I/O functionalities, please use our simple I/O plugin


Type: overwolf.io


Version added: 0.78

Use the overwolf.log API to write different messages (info, warning, error, critical, etc. ) to the common log.


Type: overwolf.log


Version added: 0.93.1

Provides interface for Logitech hardware such as Logitech ARX and Logitech LED keyboards.

Common use case:

  • Light the user’s LED keyboard when an interesting event has happened in the game (by using the overwolf.game.events API)


Type: overwolf.logitech


Version added: 0.78

Use the overwolf.media API to capture a screenshot or create a GIF of the currently running game.

Use the overwolf.media.audio API to play an audio file.

Use the overwolf.media.replays API to capture a short video replay of the currently running game.

Use the overwolf.media.videos API to create video composition, delete video files, and get details of video files that were created by the app 


Permissions required: Media

Type: overwolf.media


Version added: 0.78

Use the overwolf.profile API to get Overwolf information for the current user of the app (e.g user name, user log-in event, etc.)


Permissions required: Profile

Type: overwolf.profile


Version added: 0.78

Use the overwolf.settings API to view and modify one of the following Overwolf settings properties:

  • Hotkeys – register a function for a given hotkey, or retrieve an existing hotkey key combination
  • Retrieve the current Overwolf user language
  • Video (i.e., folder location, capture settings, FPS settings, etc.)


Type: overwolf.settings


Version added: 0.115.1

Provides access to the different social providers we support

Type: overwolf.social


Version added: 0.78

Use the overwolf.streaming API to capture a video of the current game, or stream the current game to Twitch.tv


Permissions required: Streaming

Type: overwolf.streaming


Version added: 0.97.2

Provides an API to Overwolf Tobii.

Type: overwolf.tobii


Version added: 0.80.0

Use the overwolf.utils API to get the user’s system information, send keystrokes to the game, open URL in default browser and more.

Common use cases:

  • Getting a string that is currently placed on the clipboard
  • Getting the user’s system information (OS, monitors, CPU, GPU, input devices and more)
  • Opening a URL in a browser
  • Send keystrokes to the running game

Type: overwolf.utils


Version added: 0.80.20

Returns current Overwolf’s version.

Type: string

Property value:


Version added: 0.93.1

Use the overwolf.web API to open a local HTTP web-server.


Type: overwolf.web


Version added: 0.78

Use the overwolf.windows API to to create, modify or interact with your app’s windows.

Common use cases:

  • Open a new app window
  • Change window location or size
  • Getting information about a specific app window – window id, name, width, height, location and more.
  • Minimize or maximize a window
  • Communicate between windows


Type: overwolf.windows