The LoL Overwolf Apps Dev Challenge

We invite you to participate in the League of Legends Overwolf App Challenge. More than 30 million people play LoL every day, this is your opportunity to create something exciting for them!

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The LED Developer Challenge

Fresh from the oven, the LED Control Software Development Kit is released to help you build some amazing stuff in simple HTML. Give it all you’ve got and win eternal glory!

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NVIDIA App Challenge

NVIDIA and Overwolf invite you to participate in the NVIDIA App Challenge. Create Overwolf apps that capture, edit, share, and brighten-up the best moments in gaming.

Harness exclusive game APIs and the power of GeForce GTX GPU’s video encoder to make ground-breaking, never before seen apps that gamers won’t be able to do without.

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Twitch app challenge

Broadcasters, viewers, entertainers, and entertainees, gather ’round the ol’ .tv and get cracking on your code. We’re searching for the best looking, most interesting, and overall awesome Overwolf apps to enhance the Twitch experience, both for broadcasters and viewers.

If you’re a developer, designer, or simply an awesome person – we invite you to take the Twitch App Challenge, sponsored by Wickr.

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The Guild Wars 2 App Challenge

ArenaNet and Overwolf invite you to participate in the Guild Wars 2 App Challenge, sponsored by Wickr. Create beautiful and useful apps that will make Guild Wars 2 players say “WOW”. Battle it out for the chance of winning epic prizes! Bring a sharp mind and amazing style, leave the armor and battle axes at home. Are you up to the challenge? Join now!

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Sentry challenge

Living organisms, welcome to the future. Tobii, SteelSeries, and Overwolf invite you to test your development skills with the latest and greatest in eye tracking technology.

The SteelSeries Sentry is the world first consumer eye tracking device for gamers, built on Tobii’s platform. Participants have the unique opportunity to get their hands on the Tobii EyeX Development Kit which is 100% compatible with the SteelSeries Sentry, prior to release.

We’re looking for the most advanced apps and new gaming experiences which will be compatible with the SteelSeries Sentry, Tobii’s SDK and Overwolf’s SDK. If you can code and think you are ready to deal with borderline alien technology, your time to shine has come!

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TeamSpeak & GW2 app contest 2014

It’s time for a challenge. One where the winners get rewarded and the world gets to use big, badass, new apps for TeamSpeak. We’re looking for all you code junkies who are up to the challenge of making the most awesome apps for Overwolf and TeamSpeak, using our new SDK. Think you’ve got what it takes to make the next best thing for TeamSpeak?

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2013 App Quest

The time has come for us to offer you a most excellent quest, fit for only the best code warriors of the land. It’s a code scribing, bug slaying, world saving adventure that starts here, on this day. Should you choose to embark on it, you may encounter plenty of obstacles down your path, but we’re certain that you will get the best of them and prevail.

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