User flow and error handling


  1. Your users need to understand what is the value of your app and how to control it
  2. Each step in your app needs to be clear to the user
  3. Error handling is super important. If you manage errors right, less users will complain or be confused

Desktop mode

Can be used in different ways, the most important one is to explain the flow of the app. If your app is meant to be used in-game only, you should explain that to improve the user experience.
Also, you may use the desktop as the main hub for your app. Do you want to share news? Show how your users can interact with you on social media? There are many options to explore.


Loading screen

A proper loading screen for the app will assist you in the monetization process, and explaining the user that the app is syncing data.

Data is ready

When the app is good to go, let the user know how to use it. It’s super important to make sure that the user understands how to control your app (A button-like design for the hotkey is recommended to make it as clear as possible).

Error handling

You are having a downtime? Server upgrade? Something is wrong? It needs to be communicated to your users. A simple and accurate message regarding the state of the app, even a generic message that will point your users to the right contact details will save you a lot of time and bad user reviews.

Suggested errors to display:

  • “Due to last game patch, Overwolf needs to fix the API for live match data. App will be up and running shortly!”
  • “[app name] is not able to show stats. Game-mode is not supported.”
  • “We’re experiencing issues and app is currently unavailable.”
  • “Some stats may be unavailable. Check your Facebook and Twitter for updates”


We recommend you to follow these simple guidelines to improve the flow of your app. If you have any questions or if you need product advisory, our team will be happy to assist! You can contact us at or on our Developers Slack.