Support guide

Open a new Discord server

  1. Open Discord
  2. Click on the ‘+’ button
  3. Click on “Create a server”
  4. Name your server (Choose the name of your app)
  5. Set up a server image (Your app image)
  6. Choose the server location
  7. Now press “Create a server” setup

In order to enable and use the Widgetbot for the Discord support widget you will need to:

  1. Enable the for your Discord server
  2. Edit the role of the bot to allow it to “Read Message History, Read Messages, Create Instant Invites”
  3. Copy the Iframe and implement it in your app

Enable the for your Discord server

    1. Go to the WidgetBot website
    2. Click on “Create your own Widget”
    3. You will be required to login to your Discord account and allow the widget to work in your server(s)
    4. Now choose which server do you want to use the widget on (Make sure you have admin permissions on that server)
    1. Choose which channel you want the widget to work on – and click config
  1. On this window you can see all how the Widget window would look like and how it will behave

Edit the role of the bot in Discord

    1. Head to your server settings
    1. Go to the “Roles” tab then click on the WidgetBot role
    1. Make sure this role has Administrator permission and basically has all the toggles on (the most important one is the “Manage Webhooks”)
    1. Don’t forget to save your changes
    2. Go back to the widgetbot site and enable the “2-way Chat” (After doing that you will see a new webhook in your Discord server called “2-way Chat”)
    1. You have some options to configure your widget if you like and also add some Patron Perks if you like (optional)

Implement it in your app

You have two ways to implement it in your app:

  1. Iframe
  2. Using a script to add it. (You can find the script on this page, just copy it)

The best way would be using the “?” icon in your app and implement it there so once you click on it you will have the Discord chat ready to go.
Then you can add your other links in the sub-window. Links such as FB, Twitter, Reddit, Help Center or any other link you would like to add. Here is how the DotaPlus app did it:

 If you’d like to see how it works, you can download the app from here. Please let us know if you have any questions whatsoever.

Set up roles in Discord

  1. Open your server settings
  2. Click on the role tab
  3. Press the ‘+’ to add a new role
  4. Name it “Overwolf support” (You can choose the own permissions for this role) (demo)
  5. Invite the Overwolf support team to join your server:
    1. Or Manor (Head of tech support ) LEOkonami#7685
    2. Chris Tyler (Community Alpha manager\ Support tier 1 ) ChrisTyler#7279
  6. After adding them to your server set their roles to Overwolf support (demo)

For more settings options, please check this guide