Support Widget

Discord has changed gamers lives with easy communication. As a best practice, we are happy to share with you how you can easily implement a Discord chat bot by WidgetBot.

Why you should implement this?

  • Easier to catch issues and faster response times
  • Live feedback from your community (And can help significantly with community development)
  • Easy to configure


The following apps used different methods to implement the support widget:

    • Fortmate – A simple click on the question mark will open the widget
    • DotaPlus – When clicking on the question mark the widget will open with a menu, offering you more ways to stay connected to the community through Twitter, Facebook and Reddit
    • HeroWatch – When clicking on the Discord button the app will offer you a small onboarding experience to the feature, explaining what the button will do. Then, you will move to the widget

Implementation of the widget is easy, and in the following documentation we will guide you through the process

Note: The widget bot does not require admin rights if you don’t want to