App specific experience

With the Overwolf SDK you can create a whole new experience for your users in order to maximize user experience and retention.

Compared to traditional websites, the content in your app is accessible in-game. But there is a lot more into it. As a software client, you have the ability to show windows on desktop.

In the following page we are going to show you what is the experience that is waiting for your users from the moment they see your website, to the point they are using your app in-game. For the examples here, we’ll be using the app LoLwiz – A stats app for League of Legends. In the following steps, you will see how the Overwolf experience is tailored in a way that connects the user to your brand.

Landing page

Whether it is a special landing page you’ve created or your own website, it is important to let the user understand what you are offering, with the ability to download your app.

Example: LoLwiz landing page


Once the user downloaded the app and started the installation process, your app’s tile will appear in the installer. It will tell the user that the app (LoLwiz in that case) is now installing. The same step will also happen if the user downloaded the app from the Overwolf Appstore on the web.

Desktop Icon and splash screen

When the user finished the installation process, the user will get the desktop icon of your app. When clicking on it, the user will be able to see that LoLwiz is now launching.


Welcome screen

It is important to create a welcome screen for your app. Once the user clicked on the desktop icon of your app or clicked on the app’s icon on the Overwolf dock, the welcome screen will appear. It is the best place to start your onboarding experience, with a clear call for action. In the case of LoLwiz, the welcome screen will tell the user the following: “Start a match and LoLwiz will automatically appear in-game”


Your in-game experience

By using the Overwolf real-time game events to trigger valuable features of your app, you are able to connect with your users in-game.
In the following example you can see that LoLwiz is showing a loading window of the app while the League of Legends match is loading. Once loading is done, the window will remind the user what is the hotkey in order to proceed to the content, which in this case, is statistics on the players in the match.

Post game

To complete the experience, apps like Trophy Hunter will show a summary of the match which includes trophies the user earned in the app while playing League of Legends and other statistics. You can also create a shelf inside the Game Summary window of Overwolf. Feel free to contact us at for more information, or by contacting one of the Overwolf team members on our Slack community.